Push me
 to the limits  

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Pushing boundaries is part of the mindset that not only permeates everything Porsche does, but is also typical of the people who drive a Porsche.
“Porsche drivers are people who like to challenge themselves, who push their limits to get the most out of themselves and achieve top performances. This is a mentality that we like to honor.”

The Campaign

With this campaign, we want to share those lessons and show how every Porsche has been shaped on the track.” Porsche has grown because of the successes on the track, but that the brand may have grown more because of the setbacks that preceded it . Ultimately, you learn from your ‘losing’, success is the crowning achievement.

This work was made during Achtung’s internship.

"It is the place where the latest innovations and techniques are tested before they are implemented in the daily models."

Pim Hermans

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