Thoughts & ideas

Some works are here because of the concept, others because of the design or technique.
But these are mainly thoughts and small projects.

Break & Charge


The challenge was to create a concept & storyboard for a commercial for the Hyundai Nexo. We came up with a commercial concept in which we playfully show the Hyundai Nexo its special revolutionary braking technology. A funny sketch with an underlying message. We presented this concept to Inocean Berlin and they presented it to Hyundai. 

Heineken JongeHonden


Some info about the project

Veilig trippen met TCA


In and around Amsterdam’s nightlife scene many traffic accidents occur in which drugs play a role in this accident. That is why Taxi Centrale Amsterdam wants to commit to a new campaign to make drug users aware of their choices and to offer an alternative to get home safely. Taxi Centrale Amsterdam hereby creates the “TCA”. A play on words refers to drugs that are supposed to encourage drug users to use the taxi center instead of bycle, walking, or driving.

Bend, Break & Rewrite 


We have become used to the current media infiltrating our daily lives and always using the same actions. If we really want to create something new and break through the current design rules, we have to look for the new.
By some, creativity can be seen as a formula but we as creatives have to answer vital questions to stay relevant. That is why the theme of the evenings was based on breaking exciting rules. Using generators to create new ways of media that shows that Advertising students can cut through all the bullshit in the world and give meaning to this world of noise.

Hema Easter


We came up with a promotion campaign where it had to be made clear that you can find all your Easter products at Hema. We did this by activation via Snapchat, where you can decorate an egg with all Easter products from Hema.
By sending this to Hema you have the chance to find your created egg as a wrapper for the Easter eggs in all Hema stores.

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